Transport and access


  • CBI
  • New bus stops will be created with a small island allowing buses arriving from the north and south to pull off St. Martin’s Way and drop people off at the base of the hotel, on the same side as the Northgate development.


Parking access from Hunter Street

  • Access from Hunter Street to a public car park with around 150 spaces
  • Public car park to provide dedicated disabled parking
  • Shop Mobility to be provided with access directly from the Hunter Street public car park, close to the disabled parking provision
  • Hotel to have dedicated car park with access provided from Hunter Street.

Parking access from St. Martin’s Way

  • Second public car park with around 650 spaces over two levels beneath the development
  • Access to the public car park from the new service road and from existing St. Martin’s Way underpass
  • Disabled parking close to the main public lifts to get to/from surface level