Hunter Street Realignment

The next major enabling works to take place during the spring will be the creation of Hunter Street’s access onto St. Martin’s Way – the inner ring road.

This is currently expected to start from 18th May 2020, subject to any Covid-19 restrictions or impacts, including the stability of supply chains and the health of our contractors’ staff. We expect this part of the project will take around 4 months during which time all parking along Hunter Street will be suspended and lanes will be reduced, although access will be maintained to the properties.  HGV access will be required to deliver construction materials (such as drainage pipes, manhole rings and sub base – stone). There will also be deep excavations for new drainage, heavy machinery for the placing of new gullies, kerbs and interim tarmac installation. Construction working is only permitted from 08:00 – 18:00 Monday to Friday and until 13:00 on Saturdays.

Once the roadworks are completed, we expect to re-open Hunter Street to traffic in August and this will become the route onto St. Martin’s Way from Northgate Street and Princess Street will close. During the main construction period, all site traffic and deliveries will have access into Hunter Street from St. Martin’s Way and deliveries will be permitted during weekdays only from 07:00 – 18:00. During the works, temporary traffic lights will control 2-way construction-only traffic along Hunter Street.

This route, from St. Martin’s Way turning into Hunter Street, will also then become the principal access route for all traffic using the new Northgate multi-storey car park only. However for the rest of Hunter Street, traffic will remain one-way westbound, as now, with access from Northgate Street. Hunter Street will be fully tarmacked with new road markings and traffic calming by Storyhouse  once all Northgate Phase 1 building work is completed and the site opened, currently expected in early 2022.

We appreciate this will cause residents and business in the vicinity considerable disruption and inconvenience, but we will do all we can to minimise this as far as practicable and by monitoring noise and dust levels throughout the Northgate construction period. We will post regular updates via Twitter @CH_Northgate