Precedent Study

The modern boutique cinema is more than just a basic clad box and incorporates high quality materials and a sense of architectural design.

Contemporary multi storey car park design recognises that a high quality elevational treatment is required particularly in prominent city centre locations. Curved corners can be used to soften the overall building mass of what is a relatively functional building whilst inventive cladding solutions can add a sense of invention and architectural delight.

The Victorian retail arcade set a new standard for a nation of shop keepers and shoppers. Finely detailed and high quality materials create a rich internal environment.

Taking inspiration from the terracotta and brick façade of the original Westminster Coach and Motor works façade, the use of modern bespoke terracotta cladding provides a link to the sites heritage whilst reinventing the way the material is used in a contemporary manner.

Precedent study

Top row: Barons Quay, Northwich, Home, Manchester, Picturehouse
Second row: Multi Storey Car Park, Green wall
Third row: Burlington Arcade, Grosvenor Arcade
Fourth row: Glazed Terracotta

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