The Dutch bank, ING, became involved in the 2000s and in 2005 planning approval was granted for its comprehensive redevelopment plans for a 440,000 sq ft retail development of the whole Northgate site.

ING concept drawing for Northgate with two level shopping street
Two level main shopping street

The scheme included a new performing arts centre, bus exchange, library and indoor market as well as a department store, 70 new shop units and 112 residential units. There was also an off-site provision of new Council offices.

ING concept including theatre square
Department store and theatre square

A Compulsory Purchase Order was confirmed by the Secretary of State in September 2006 and an extension of time for the planning approval was granted in 2007.

After the UK’s financial crisis of 2007-08 ING applied for a further extension of time, which was granted in 2011. But the scheme was never built.