We need your help to name our new square and arcade

With the Northgate development construction well underway, we are seeking suggestions for the naming of our new square and arcade.

Names can be both historic or modern to reflect the city’s heritage or exciting future. To help give you some inspiration see our latest flythrough of the development  which takes you through the arcade and into the square.


The Square

The new square will be at the heart of the Northgate development, which will also include a new market hall, six-screen cinema, restaurants, cafés and a new multi-storey car park.

The square will provide access to the market, cinema and Storyhouse; and will be lined with restaurants and cafes. It will become the social hub for the city with seating, space for events, cycle parking and a walkway to Storyhouse.


The Arcade

The arcade will lead you from Northgate St. into the new square; it will be formed from the central arch of the Westminster Carriage Works built in 1914 and was the façade of the former Chester Library from 1984 before it moved to Storyhouse a few metres away in 2017. The coachworks were designed by the architect Philip Lockwood for J.A.Lawton & Co. Coach Builders, Harness Makers and Motor Engineers.

During the 1970s the building was used by George Taylor Ltd, operating as a car showroom, and in keeping with its past, it was also a coach stop and the starting point for many day-trips and excursions.

Site history

The heritage of the Northgate site should provide you with ample inspiration, particularly for the square which sits above what was once one of the largest Roman fortresses in Britain, including three separate barracks and home to the XX Legion. Other previous uses included Saxon houses, Viking jewellery makers, Medieval streets, Church missions, schools, a foundry and most recently the former Town Hall bus station.

How to submit your names

Please submit your suggestions via the forms below before 16 July 2021. You can submit as many names as you like.

A panel of Councillors and city centre stakeholders will review the suggestions and a short-list of names will then be put to a final public vote later in the summer when you can vote for your favourites.

The Square

The Arcade

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