Northgate Enabling Works Continue: Covid-19 Update

The escalation of the Covid pandemic has created extraordinary challenges to us all, not least in the construction industry.

At present, while work is permitted by government, our contractor is making progress on the utility enabling works for water, drainage, telecommunications and power for the site.

We are monitoring the work to ensure health and safety remains priority alongside the current social distancing guidance.

Over the coming weeks, work on Hunter Street will be completed and reopened on 03rd April; meanwhile work will move to Princess Street with a closure expected to be in place from 06th April to 01st May. Ongoing works in Northgate Street will continue with an expected completion by 24th April.

Please bear with us, the Covid situation means that circumstances are changing on a daily basis. At the current time, government advice is that construction sites can continue to operate but there is a possibility that government advice will change and work will have to stop. There is also the real possibility of disruption to supply chains and the impact of increased sickness or absence through self-isolation that our contractors will need to manage. As a result timescales may have to alter.

We remain committed to our considerate constructor ethos and this is shared by our contractors despite the current challenges. If you have any immediate concerns please contact us via the box opposite or:

Thank you.