Swift and bat boxes installed

Swift boxes

Cllr Samantha Dixon, Chair of our Northgate Joint Member Working Group with John Dearnley, left, and Roger Nutter members of Chester RSPB

Twenty swift ‘hotels’ are being installed in the Northgate car park brickwork, they will help reverse the decline of swifts in Chester, along with 2 bat boxes also.

Cllr. Samantha Dixon, Chair of the Northgate Joint Member Working Group with John Dearnley and Roger Nutter, from Chester RSPB, came to meet the Vinci site team installing the boxes.

Studies of swifts have revealed some startling facts – particularly their ability to fly long distances.

Swifts can fly up to 500 miles a day on migration. Swifts spend their life almost entirely on the wing and even feed, sleep and mate in flight. They feed exclusively on insects and only come to land when nesting.

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